Meal Prep Club

If you're ready to save time, money and energy and yet stay consistent with eating healthy, the meal prep club is your tribe. Join us on this journey to a healthy and balanced lifestyle!

Maybe this sounds familiar to you...

--> You're getting super bored with making meals.

Maybe you’ve been doing a TON of cooking at home lately and have gotten bored with the same old same old? Often when we cook a lot, we resort back to our favorite easy meals to save time and energy. However, after a while, those favorites become not so favorite anymore.


-->You're no longer motivated to cook. 

Or you’re simply lacking motivation to cook because you’ve gotten in the habit of eating out frequently and cooking seems too daunting of a task to get back into?


-->You feel like you don't have enough variety.

Or maybe you’re just not sure how to change it up? You’ve gotten in such a routine of making the same simple foods over and over again that you forgot certain foods even existed! You use creativity in other areas of life but maybe when it comes to cooking, you just want to get the job done.


-->You're too tired and feel like it takes too much time to plan out your meals, so you find yourself ordering out or reaching for the more 'convenient' packaged foods in your pantry.

Planning your meals on a weekly basis takes time, especially with everything else going on in your life. You’re busy, I get it. You’re trying to conserve time and energy so you might just decide to wing it with food. Now you’re either ordering food out or making the most simple thing possible.


-->You have trouble with eating well, consistently.

Your intentions always start out good. You head to the store and stock up with all the fresh ingredients, have your meals picked out and even begin to meal prep. Week 1 starts out strong and you may only have a little hiccup and end up with a few extra ingredients by the end of the week. But then week 2 comes around and life things happen, and it’s not quite as on point as the first week. And so you slack a little, and eventually find yourself back in the same habits as before, exhausted by the end of the day and ordering take out because you can’t put any more thought into anythinggg.








Let’s be real here - you want to enjoy the food you eat, right?


Food is meant to be enjoyed.


Imagine being able to maintain a healthy balanced diet that optimizes your health, and yet actually enjoy the food you are eating. No deprivation here!


It’s very possible that you may be undereating or overeating the wrong combination of foods.


When you join the meal prep club, you will discover the right amount of food for you without having to count or track calories in an app, without weighing anything, and without stressing over what to eat next.



Being prepared helps save time and money. Have you ever heard the quote “If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.” - It’s true. When you put the little bit of time into preparing for your week, you 100% will save time, money, energy and sanity.




Welcome to the VHC Meal Prep Club

  • Grocery Lists

    Grocery lists that help you buy ONLY what you need, so you won’t end up with a bunch of wasted food and money at the end of the week

  • Accountability

    Having a place where you can ask your most important nutrition questions which means peace of mind for you and the real value is having clarity on confusing nutrition topics

  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Planned

    5 days of meals with snacks library to choose what appeals to you and works best for your individual energy needs

  • Community Support

    Have a tribe you can relate to, share common ideas with, and get inspiration and motivation from

By joining the Meal Prep Club, you will...

Save so much time.

--> By not having to plan out all of your own meals

--> By only hitting the grocery store 1-2x per week rather than 4-5x

--> By cooking a few meals ahead of time and having multiple servings of leftovers so that you’re not in the kitchen 3x per day everyday cooking new things.


Think of it like this, the less time you spend on all of these things, the more time you will have for family, friends and hobbies you enjoy.

Save so much energy.

Have you ever heard of decision fatigue?


It's basically when you start eventually making poor decision because of the exhaustion you feel from having to make so many other decisions throughout the day.


Well… when you already have your entire week of meals planned for you, thats A LOT less decisions you will have to make on what to eat. And you can have peace of mind knowing that all of these meals are not only healthy and balanced, but really delicious too. 

Save so much money.

YES I really mean it, money!


How? Because at the grocery store, you will only buy exactly what you need to prep the meals.


And all you have to do is execute on actually making the meals (sorry no chef included, although you could hire one to make them for you ;)) - and that means by the end of the week, you will have eaten all of your meals, and there will be nothing to throw away!


All your hard earned money spent on good food will actually be worth it. 


Not only will you have peace of mind with staying on track, but also with knowing that in the middle of the day when you’re crazy busy and starving for lunch, BOOM - that healthy meal is prepped and ready to go waiting for you. Simply reach into the fridge, pop that top open, heat (if necessary) and go about your day. NO STRESS NEEDED

This will work for you even if...

---> You don’t have a lot of time.

Here’s the bottom line, if you already feel like you are scraping for time, you can’t afford NOT to join meal prep club. MPC is going to show you have to SAVE time by preparing ahead. Cook once, eat twice (or three times). Plus you are outsourcing all of the decisions with what to eat everyday. 


---> You have dietary restrictions or preferences such as GF, Vegan, etc.

These meals plans have a very small amount of dairy or gluten. Simply swap out any that you see for a gluten free or dairy free option. For all my vegans, I have a chart with alternative plant based protein options that you can swap for animal based ones. 


---> You have a family.

You can double or triple these recipes to have extra servings for the fam.


--->You don’t know how to meal prep yet.

My meal prep guide will help get you started plus you have me and your peers to support you through learning meal prep. Many people in MPC have been meal prepping for years and can provide fabulous advice and time saving tips. Meal prep is one of those things that does not have to be perfect. The important thing is that you just start. You will learn best by experiencing it for yourself.

The Meal Prep Club is a perfect fit for you if...

✅ You want to save time in your week


✅ You want to save money by not overbuying or throwing away food


✅ You want to save energy from having to plan everything yourself


✅ You want to have consistency with healthy eating


✅ You want to build a consistent habit with meal prepping


✅ You want to have accountability and support from a holistic health coach and peers that have similar goals to you


You want to uncover the truth of certain controversial nutrition topics and gain clarity on whats best for you

Meet Your Coach...


Hey guys!


I’m Alexa, Master Holistic Health Coach and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. I’ve been in health and fitness for over 10 years and have seen and experienced the ups and downs of staying healthy, including dealing with some of my own health issues for years.


I’ve worked with hundreds of people and noticed consistent patterns in their lifestyles. And i’ve received tons of feedback from building meal plans for people the last few years. I know that the one thing that can help you is support with staying consistent. And learning about quality and proper sourcing of food, rather than having to count every calorie or track every macronutrient.


I can help you learn how to maintain a healthy consistent nutrition plan and discover whats best for you.


No matter what else is going on in your life - whether its traveling, kids, career - you can make eating healthy a lifelong habit without having to achieve perfection.


Chat soon,


Join the MPC community

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Frequently Asked

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Are the meal plans flexible or will I be following a strict diet?

Will this work for me if I am Vegan, Vegetarian or have food intolerances?

Are the meal plans customized to my needs?

How will I know what amount of food is right for me?

By joining the Meal Prep Club, I can promise you three things:


You are going to love the food you eat

You will eat more balanced for your lifestyle and goals

You will be more prepared and save time and money