Mindful Eating Challenge

When it comes to food, bringing awareness to your eating patterns and behaviors can truly be a game-changer.


Today, many of us are usually multitasking while we eat. Doing things like...


...watching TV

...on social media

...talking on the phone

...feeding kiddos



The list goes on…


When we multitask while we eat, we keep ourselves active in our sympathetic nervous system aka a state of stress.


Not only that, we are not being present to the moment of eating. Which means - are we really acknowledging and enjoying our food?

If this message resonates with you...

I would love for you to join me for a 7 day Mindful Eating Challenge


What’s Included?


+ Mindful Eating Guide (with a food awareness activity)

+ Mindful Eating Meal Plan

+ Daily emails with specific things to focus on

+ A live coaching call with me on Day 7 to explore your experience with this challenge and ask Q’s

Join the Challenge!


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Hope to see you in there! I promise this will be an eye opening challenge, and it’s only 7 days :)